About Us

Introduction of Pakistan Goat Association

The Purpose to established Pakistan Goat Association is to providing care taking activities to goats in order to achieve courtesy by Allah & by following great Sunnah of our Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa (P.B.U.H) we can be successfully participate in Goat Husbandry to attain in numerous benefit produce by goats to fulfilled basic necessities of life.

Pakistan Goat Association striving to provide better facilities for the growth and development for the of goats breed for both domestic and international level.  The Research and development program of Pakistan Goat Association (PGA) established for the Research & Analysis of goat husbandry, Welfare, registered of goat Breed, maintain and audit herd books of various goat farms, monthly and yearly medical reports and inspections, to imposed goat husbandry regulations, feeding system, care & management, Yearly vaccination and provision of medication and provide consultancy services and assistant to all farmers countrywide.  

Pakistan Goat Association (PGA) aims is to establish strong international relations to organize Goat seminar & exhibitions in Pakistan to ensure the availability of Pure Registered goat Breed in Pakistan. By the assistance of Research & Analysis according to the international farming standard operating procedure Pakistan will be successfully achieve the targets to open the way of  farming industry to secure and healthy and more profitable industry which may brought economical revolution in Pakistan.

Aims & Objectives 

A. To disseminate safe milking practices and scientific management of health and nutrition of goats amongst farmers.

B. To support establishment and management of goat research farms, goat breeding farms and demonstration units at strategic locations in Pakistan.

C. To organize goat fairs, exhibitions, seminars and goat farmers training programs;

D. To compile and publish Journals/Periodicals/ Newsletters /books and leaflets for the promotion of the objectives of the Association.

E. To establish goat milk processing and product manufacturing units and dairy plants for promotion of goat milk consumption with sustainable curative and therapeutic claims.

F. To promote and conserve the genetic purity of indigenous breeds of goats through intensive selection and breeding.

G. To provide assistance to member farmers in applying for loan from banks.

To support member farmers in setting up of new goat farm, increase goat farm capacity, integration of innovative technologies in the goat farm, etc.

  1. To promote and conserve the genetic purity of indigenous breeds of goats through intensive selection and
  2. To facilitate liaison, affiliation and cooperation with the government other organizations as well as with the goat research Institutes having similar objectives in Pakistan.

To facilitate the elimination of unscrupulous brokers and middlemen from marketing chain and to provide a free platform to farmers to sell Goat at National and International markets with maximum profits.

lets join hands to lead goat farming sector of Pakistan worldwide.