Join as member and register your goats

What is farmer/Partner?

In Pakistan goat association every individual can be eligible to be a registered  farmer partner who are willing to do goat farming in professional way no matter on a high or low scale.

How to be a farmer?

In order to be registered goat farmer of Pakistan Goat Association that is crucial for professional farmers or who wish to be a farmer that have a practical approach direct or indirect way of experience to share your experimental details and breed information and total capacity of farms to PGA Consultants. After the collection of whole Bio data about your experience and information PGA issues breeder registration forms and goat breed registration form of Sire and Dam using for production as well as to fulfil herd book requirements.

Farmer Member/ Partner Benefits?

PGA support and appreciate goat breeders who make great efforts for the growth & prosperity of goat farming sector to promote breeders worldwide.

To counter various upcoming issues & calamity or prevailing confronting issues PGA provides assistance to farmers and breeders for best suggestions.

PGA aims is to provide better medication services, vaccination, provision of quality tested food to goats, medical Inspection to goats time by time for the security and safety from seasonal virus.

International Seminar and exhibition for specialized goat breeders intended to organize by PGA in order to highlight breeders up to the mark of international level.

Special breeders who working for the production of particular breed shall be rewarded by PGA.

In the Fiscal Year PGA represents delegation on international conferences in which PGA provide an opportunity to breeders to presents delegations accompanied with the committee member.

lets join hands to lead goat farming sector of Pakistan worldwide.