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Sadaqat Hussain (Founder & Chairman PGA) Visits "SANEEN GOAT DAIRY FARM" Malaysia.

Chairman Pakistan Goat Association Mr Sadaqat Hussain visits Saneen Goat Dairy Farm situated in Penang Ireland of Malaysia to meet all mentor staff of the farm. PGA Chairman Mr Sadaqat Hussain spend longer time with the most special and valuable Breeds in Malaysia in order to analyze spawn and production method of Goat farming Sector. Further he said on account of mix breed and cross breeds of goats, Pakistan confronting complications to recognize pure and indigenous breed due to which milk and meat production badly affected.  In order to prevent pure Goat bred in Pakistan that is prerequisites to categorized Goat breed of Pakistan on record. In addition Chairman express his views that by the assistance of Agricultural Research Council of Pakistan it can be possible to import pure registered Goat Breed  to Pakistan according to the international standard to ensure the availability of pure food in Pakistan.

lets join hands to lead goat farming sector of Pakistan worldwide.