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Sadaqat Husaain (Founder & Chairman PGA) Meet TTSJ Group (Chairman) In Malaysia .

Pakistan goat Association Chairman Mr. Sadaqat Hussain Visit to Malaysia to meet most Honorable Chairman of TTSJ Group Mr. Athar Qureshi in the meeting held in his office. In the light of Goat farming sector Chairman PGA express his views there are vast opportunities in goat farming sector in Malaysia after visited Penang Goat farms in Malaysia where "I personally learn a lot" here regarding goat farming innovative tactics in Malaysia. He further said we introduce covered farming where anyone have an opportunity to feed goats in the shape of covered farms and as well as to see by innovative technology through internet.

Replied to one question Chairman PGA said with the reference of goat farming sector Pakistan and Malaysia has vast opportunity to collaborate in Malaysia for this purpose innumerous corporate companies are interested to sign joint venture to go onward. In addition he further said that my visit to Malaysia hopefully make strong relationship between Pakistan and Malaysia in future regarding goat farming sector. In the end of the meeting he said "It,s a great honor for me that I have been invited by TTSJ Chairman Mr Ather Qureshi and I am very thankful for his  kind corporation to take out the time, this moments are unforgettable forever". 

lets join hands to lead goat farming sector of Pakistan worldwide.