Privacy Policy


A. Pakistan Goat Association is a non-political, non-profitable organization that is established for improved breeding and enhanced welfare of goats and highlights issues of people that belongs to goat farming. B. Any sort of media activity and publishing shall not be perceived as political or linguistic. People all over Pakistan, who posses practical exposure related to goat farming may apply for Pakistan Goat Association membership. C. Pakistan Goat Association holds a central body as well as provincial and regional bodies that comprises of people with experience and interest in goat farming. D. Pakistan Goat Association constitution is registered with Government of Pakistan and time to time modification are considered as per the law. All members are informed of such changes through post or email. E. Pakistan Goat Association only dissiminates information regarding breed and betterment of goats, any kind of goat business activity is not aasociated withPakistan Goat Association. Moreover, Pakistan Goat Association does not accept any responsiblity of utilizing its name for any such activity. F. None of Pakistan Goat Association members holds any sort of right to do any publication or announcement on behalf of Pakistan Goat Association, unless authorized. Such acts may lead to immediate membership termination and legal action must be taken as per the law. G. Every member of Pakistan Goat Association is bound to respect the constitution and decisions of organization. However, they hold a firm right to disagree and express their opinions. H. The inclusion of members in Pakistan Goat Association meetings and national/international visits is based upon the performance and experience. Central body decides to provide any sort of financial assistance in this regard and mostly such expenses are bore by members themselves. I. Membership and recognition certificates issued by PGA holds an honorary status, thereby government or diplomatic acceptance of such certificates is not necessary.

lets join hands to lead goat farming sector of Pakistan worldwide.